Next Chapter: February 

Chapter 2 January was filled with craziness that is slowly spilling into February. It's the first day, the country in celebrating Black History Month, Beyoncé carrying twins, the super bowl, & Valentine's Day plans.  This month is already filled with greatness. We get to honor and respect the legacy that African Americans have l left … Continue reading Next Chapter: February 


Day 2…

Today was a chill day. Nothing to crazy to talk about. Thinking about getting a vision board started. Thinking of some new diy projects that I could try. Pinterest will most likely become my best friend this year. Going to step out of my comfort zone and try to get more creative and see what … Continue reading Day 2…

Hello 2017….

Yay!!!! We made it. Hello 2017. Still here. Still learning. Still growing. Forever grateful for all that I've learned so far. I'm grateful for the opportunity that I've been giving to still grow. I'm focusing on my growth, passions, & dreams. Learning to let go of the things I can't control and embrace the things … Continue reading Hello 2017….


Let the Christmas music begin…

Its finally December. The last month of the year. 30 days until a new year begins. I feel the older I get the quicker the years go by. Its been an amazing ride so far. Even with the shake up at the end of the year I can only be thankful for what I have. … Continue reading Let the Christmas music begin…


Gloomy Weather….Has me feeling some type of way

Is anybody listening,Can anybody answer my prayers,Please say yes,Does anybody feel the same.And is there anybody who cares,Life's unfair, its so unfair.This weather is putting me in an emotional place right now its weird. Its like the things around don't really seem to be falling into place. Isn't that when the good stuff starts to … Continue reading Gloomy Weather….Has me feeling some type of way