Where have I been ….EVERYWHERE !!!!!

Not really just been busy. So I decided to just do a little update about me and the things around me. So October had a blast was so busy that month I don’t know how I survived. I attended Bethune Cookman University’s Homecoming it was amazing. I can’t wait until next year. That basically was a highlight if that month besides my parents birthdays. My dad’s birthday is Oct. 22 and my moms is Oct. 31. So celebrating is a must. November stressful with work. I’m trying to stay on the bright side of things but I’m not sure how much longer I can last. At least I’m off this Thursday and Friday so hello turkey and Black Friday shopping and great food. To end on a positive note I have found a new passion that I don’t want to jinx. So once everything comes into place this will be the first place I will tell the world.