Finally Friday

So today was another day at this place that I call work. So it started off with me being almost late for work and with there new thing being docked 15 minutes for being one minute late. Then a meeting that didn’t seem to end. The powers flicked on and off. I was hoping it would stay off the whole day so I could leave early. It didn’t last very long. Then before going to lunch I lost my bank card. Luckily it was found and everything in life fell back into place. Picked up my check made it to the bank before it closed and realized all that needs to be paid so I’m basically broke all over again. But that’s nothing new though.

My new situation is I’m getting bored with my hair I want to dye it but it needs to be something that won’t make me look crazy at the work place. I want to be daring but I don’t want to be unemployed. So this is where my dilemma begins. I could braid it but ill get tried of with within two weeks. It’ll be a waste of time and money. I want to go red again but I don’t want it to be to crazy that it wouldn’t work in the workplace. Don’t want to cut it I want it to be long that I do know. That’s the only thing that I’m positive about when it comes to my hair. The struggles (not really) of being born female.

Well whatever I decide I have the weekend to make something happen. If not the come madness Mondays I’ll be struggling with a hair style that I actually would like. If anyone has any ideas what to do or how to style natural hair please let me know. Leave a comment of things that you’ve tried. Even if you didn’t like the outcome. I’ll just be glad to know I’m not alone in this crazy hair madness. Until next time.


Hump Day :)

Yea another day another work post. What can I say that’s my life right now work, work, and more work. Still confused about this place I have serious doubt if I can handle this place. My mom says its just fear since I’ve never done this before. She’s probably right but it’s tough I really have to break out of my shell. But it’s getting late waking up at 5am is no easy task for me. That is the hardest thing to get used to. The morning struggle.

Work that’s what I’ll call it for now

Now I’m on the fence about this place but I’ll give it a chance well at least until something better comes along or I finish my classes or whichever comes first. One good thing I’m meeting some new and interesting people. There will never be a dull moment with them. So I’m looking forward to that part of this training. Which was supposed to be 6 weeks that turned into 8 kinda bummed but what can I do it’s a job. Until next time.

Tomorrows the big DAY

First day tomorrow kinda nervous don’t know how well it’ll be since this is a big learning experience. I’ll just go with the flow hopefully I’ll get enough sleep tonight. So lets pray it’s a good one.