Finally Friday

So today was another day at this place that I call work. So it started off with me being almost late for work and with there new thing being docked 15 minutes for being one minute late. Then a meeting that didn't seem to end. The powers flicked on and off. I was hoping it … Continue reading Finally Friday


Hump Day :)

Yea another day another work post. What can I say that's my life right now work, work, and more work. Still confused about this place I have serious doubt if I can handle this place. My mom says its just fear since I've never done this before. She's probably right but it's tough I really … Continue reading Hump Day 🙂

Work that’s what I’ll call it for now

Now I'm on the fence about this place but I'll give it a chance well at least until something better comes along or I finish my classes or whichever comes first. One good thing I'm meeting some new and interesting people. There will never be a dull moment with them. So I'm looking forward to … Continue reading Work that’s what I’ll call it for now


Tomorrows the big DAY

First day tomorrow kinda nervous don't know how well it'll be since this is a big learning experience. I'll just go with the flow hopefully I'll get enough sleep tonight. So lets pray it's a good one.