Back in business…

My computer is finally home. Sad thing is I lost everything so now I’m trying to get back on track. I’m glad everything is working like it’s supposed to. Thank God for warranties. 

In other news second week is almost over. Now it’s more hands on but still not to scary. I think I’ll be able to handle some situations. Just need to start getting my lunches and snacks together. 

So far so good for now. Don’t want to jinx anything. Saturday at 5pm can’t get here any quicker. 


Chapter 3…

Hello March!!!!

This month started off with a bang. My computer has died and is currently getting repaired. Good thing it’s still under the warranty so it’s getting fixed. I have a new job. Just finished the first week on Saturday. It’s different from the last one. So far so good no complaints. 

Slacking a little on the book department but I’m trying to do better on that. I’ve seen the movie Get out twice. It’s amazing. If you haven’t seen it you should. You will not be disappointed at all. 

That’s pretty much it chapter 3 pages 1-13. More to come. So far this year has been great. Can’t complain.